Hospitality in Monteriggioni
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In the small town of Rencine few kilometres away the Castle of Monteriggioni, in the direction of Castellina in Chianti, in a very beautiful place, there is a house that can give hospitality to groups (parishes, associations, pilgrims, families) until 32 beds. It is situated in a beautiful and relaxing area and is surrounded by meadows, lawns, parks, trees, olives, vines and woods. Moreover it is in a protected wildlife area, on a ridge between the valley of Chianti and the Castle of Monterriggioni.
Self- management is expected.

Description of the house:
8 rooms with 8 showers and 9 toilets. Large meeting room or living room for meetings and for lunch/ dinner. Large fully fitted kitchen. Other three spaces for common practise. Church. Courtyard and lawn surrounding the Church. Area for games: football and volleyball. Large parking place below the house. The bus can reach up to 800 mt away the house. On request: transport service by bus of the parish.